Reflective Displays

Our Reflective Displays utilize E ink films which are assembled onto various displays assemblies to produce a light and thin display solution.  

E ink films provide Reflective Displays with High Contrast, Excellent Viewability in Sunlight with Ultra Low Power Consumption.


Reflective Displays with Front Lighting

Front Lighting can be added to Reflective Displays to make them readable in low light or dark environments. This offers a new range of application opportunities for reflective displays.Full Day/Night operation.

Our Display Advantages:

  • Paper-like readability
  • Indefinitely maintains image without power
  • Sunlight Readable
  • No blue light hazard
  • High reflectivity with high contrast
  • Viewing angle greater than 180 degrees
  • Flexible or rigid backplane structures
  • Ultra low power consumption (no backlight needed)
  • Low Power Front Lighting option available.


Custom Packaging Options

Displays Can be configured in custom stacks including Glass covers, Front Lighting with LED bar, Backplanes and adhesives to Customer specifications. Also, Touchscreen and Electronic Drivers can be added for a complete Display Solution.