Front Lighting Technology

Front Light Guides


Front Light Guides provide Front Lighting of various kinds of surfaces including reflective LCDs, E-readers and Printed Materials without affecting the readability of the material.   This allows low power devices to be lit with much less power than required by traditional backlit LCD displays.   It also allows reflective displays to be useful in a wider range of applications.


Light travels from the LED array on the left into the Front Light Guide Plate (FLGP) in blue. Internal reflection optical characteristics keep the light within the LGF. Only the local Micro-Lenses re-direct the light down to the Reflective LCD Display. Light, then is reflected by the LCD out towards the viewer. The density or fill factor of the Micro-Lenses can control the amount of light which is redirected. This allows the FLGP to provide uniform lighting across the display area. This allows the use of fewer LEDs to provide uniform lighting of reflective LCDs and other types of displays. saving power and cost.

Micro-Lens Technology

Our Light Guides use Nano Imprinting Technology to provide a low cost solution to Front Light reflective displays. Micro-Lenses are imprinted onto optical grade plastics which are thin, clear and flexible to make up a very efficient solution. The Micro-Lenses play a very important role in providing very high uniformity and efficiency compared to other Light Guide designs.  In Front Lighting Solutions, the Micro-Lenses offer unsurpassed clarity for see through applications.
We use Semiconductor technology to produce the array of Micro-Lens  that make up the Front Light Guide lighting capabilities. Our Micro-Lenses are just 50 microns in diameter…too small for the naked eye to see.