Various Size Displays

Also, available with Front Lighting Option for 24 hour display in all lighting conditions.

Many displays available in B/W or B/W/R. Also, available in different temperature ranges.
More sizes available upon request…

The modules include a TFT-array driving an electrophoresis display, with integrated circuits including gate drivers, source drivers, MCU interface, timing controller, oscillator, DC-DC, SRAM, LUT, and VCOM components. This type of module can be used in portable electronic devices, such as Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Systems.


Front Lighting Your Display

Front lighting provides a uniform light over the whole display for reading in low light or dark conditions. It is accomplished by adding a very thin plastic Light Guide to the front of the display. This would typically be located between the front cover and the reflective display. Then side emitting LEDs are located along one or more edges to complete the lighting assembly. All sizes of the Eink displays are available with a Front Lighting Option. Our Micro-Lens technology provides very uniform lighting over the full surface of the display.



Custom Lighting Solutions

Custom Modules available with many special requirements.

  • Front  LED Lighting Option
  • Glass or Plastic covers with special coatings for UV, anti-reflection, bezel light blockout and other features.
  • Touch layer
  • LED Light Bar
  • Custom modules are assembled with Optically Clear Adhesives (OCAs)
  • Designed and Developed to meet your specification requirements.